Vision Zero Youth Day at C2SMARTER

February 9, 2024 C2SMARTER hosted The Vision Zero Youth Council, a youth-led organization that advocates for safe and sustainable mobility by focusing on the youth experience and supports the prioritization of


The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 102nd Annual Meeting was held in person, January 8–12, 2023 in Washington, D.C. This year’s theme, Rejuvenation Out of Disruption: Envisioning a Transportation System for a Dynamic Future, asked participants to envision transportation in a post-COVID world. C2SMART was well-represented at TRB this year, with 39 affiliated students and researchers presenting ongoing work.

TransportationCamp 2023

On October 14, 2023 TransportationCamp-NYC was held for the first time held at the former New York City Transit Authority Headquarters in Brooklyn, NYC.