ITS-NY 31st Annual Meeting and Technology Exhibition

June 13-14, 2024, Saratoga Springs, NY

On June 13-14, 2024, student researchers from C2SMARTER traveled to Saratoga Springs for the 31st annual ITS-NY meeting. The researchers attended the conference and also presented their projects as part of the technology exhibition, the theme of which was “Guardians of Transportation.” 

C2SMARTER researchers participated in the conference in various capacities. On Thursday, Zilin Bian spoke on a panel titled “Cutting Edge Technology.”  Haggai Davis, III also moderated the “Multimodal ITS Applications” panel. Finally, on Friday the “Digital World” panel featured Jingqin Gao and Hella Alnajjar.

Four researchers also competed for the annual ITS-NY awards for Best Posters, with two C2SMARTER projects receiving recognition:

  • Modeling the Market Penetration of Automated Vehicles with an Integrated
    Choice-Based Diffusion Approach, 2nd place, presented by Hella Alnajjar
  • Welfare, Sustainability, and Equity Evaluation of the New York City Interborough Express (IBX) using Spatially Heterogeneous Mode Choice Models, 3rd place, presented by Hai (Marshall) Yang
  • Multi-objective Optimization for Placement of Weigh-In-Motion Station, presented by Tu Lan
  • Work Zone Safety: Workers’ Notifications Study Through Smartwatch and Reinforcement Learning, presented by Shuo Zhang

Learn more about the three C2SMARTER panels here:

Cutting Edge Technology

As part of the Cutting Edge Technology panel, C2SMARTER postdoc Zilin Bian presented his work on Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Based Decision Support Tool called ATEAM for Work Zone Impact and Conflict Estimation/Prediction.

ATEAM helps accelerate the prototype from the theoretical research models to their deployment into real-world applications benefiting both researchers and practitioners. Dr. Bian also presented one application designed from ATEAM platform.

This coordinates work zones by cataloguing multiple types of events across multiple projects on one-easy-to-read map, allowing users to predict and mitigate impediments to traffic flow while reducing system strain.

The presentation highlighted the potential of ATEAM in transforming work zone management through advanced AI-based predictions and real-time data integration. The tool’s ability to provide actionable insights and facilitate coordination across multiple projects was emphasized as a significant advancement in the field of transportation safety and efficiency.

The discussion underscored the importance of such cutting-edge technologies in enhancing the practical application of research models and improving urban transportation systems.

Learn more about the ATEAM project here and C2SMARTER’s broader Digital Twin efforts here

Multimodal ITS Applications

3rd year NYU PhD candidate Haggai Davis moderated the “Multimodal ITS Applications” panel, which consisted of engineers from HNTB, Arup, TranScore ITS, and JHK Engineering. 

Haggai moderated a session about multimodal applications of ITS which focused on transit and ped/bike interactions. The panel discussed the challenges of implementing and evaluating these types of pilot programs, as well as how to communicate the benefits to the general public.

Digital World

Friday’s Digital World panel featured two C2SMARTER participants, assistant director of research Dr. Jannie Gao and 2024 NYU PhD Graduate Dr. Hella Alnajjar. Dr. Gao presented on her 2024 research project conducted in partnership with the FDNY, “An AI-Reinforced Traffic Digital Twin for Testing Emergency Vehicle Interventions.”

Dr. Alnajjar presented her work on “An Integrated Choice-Based Diffusion Approach to Modeling Automated Vehicles’ Market Penetration.” The two also participated in the broader panel discussion which followed the presentations.

See more pictures from the conference here: