Vision Zero Youth Day at C2SMARTER

February 9, 2024

C2SMARTER hosted The Vision Zero Youth Councila youth-led organization that advocates for safe and sustainable mobility by focusing on the youth experience and supports the prioritization of youth representation and involvement in decision-making spaces, for Vision Zero Youth Day on Friday, February 9th.

NYC area youths joined industry professionals for an afternoon of activities, education, & advocacy around the theme of Road Safety and the Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on New York-specific action opportunities.

The goal of their 3rd Vision Zero Youth Day event was to bring NYC youth together around the issues of road safety/ transportation and its connection to global issues such as poverty, health, climate, housing, and more.

Roughly 20 participants learned about local issues, shared their potential ideas, and heard from local elected representatives about how the government is addressing these problems.  

This event was sponsored in part by America Walks through their Community Change Grants.

Read more about C2SMARTER’s other Vision Zero related efforts, such as presentations given at NYC DOT DDC’s Town+Gown Vision Zero Research on the Road event on November 29, 2023, by NYU researchers: