Applied Research Innovations in Science and Engineering

STEM Research

A high-level, 5-week authentic research experience in C2SMARTER's traffic and innovation labs


Opportunity to receive mentorship from a C2SMARTER graduate or postdoctoral student

College Prep

Workshops to prepare ARISE students for the college application process



➡️ Dr. Semiha Ergan’s Future Building Informatics and Visualization Lab (biLAB),

➡️ Dr. Joseph Chow’s Behavioral Urban Informatics, Logistics, and Transport (BUILT) Lab, and

➡️ Dr. Kaan Ozbay's Urban Mobility & Intelligent Transportation Systems (UrbanMITS) Lab 

Using MATSim to simulate truck traffic flow in NYC

ARISE students worked with graduate researchers and faculty guidance to develop a simulation using MATSim and real-world, NYCDOT data. The project tested policy
changes and their impacts by making credible predictions about the outcome of certain policy decisions enabling more informed policy decisions.

I want to study electrical engineering and computer science in college. ARISE helped improve my research abilities and my ability to interpret given data. Also, the program enabled me to learn new software such as QGIS and it gave me the tools and knowledge to be able to navigate and utilize different softwares in the future.

Improving Transportation Equity

Students examined how new characteristics of transportation system impact different population groups differently, with an eye toward evaluating equity of these changes across disadvantaged populations -- in particular, women, older people, people with limited English fluency, and people with disabilities. 

Examining socio-economic factors in social distancing

Students explored the various factors that may have contributed to the adherence to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, including public transit infrastructure and availability, neighborhood incomes, and education levels.

As someone who’s interested in majoring in Computer Science and studying data analysis, interning at the lab provided me with an invaluable experience. I learned how to code in Python and use its many libraries, how to utilize software such as Tableau, and I worked on my first data analysis project. The lab gave me insight into what it means to be a data analyst and to perform data analysis on a current, real-world issue.

I learned about data analysis by using Python and Pandas, and how to apply these data analysis tools to transportation and social distancing data as parts of a project. This research opportunity provided me vital research skills along with a great introduction to the field of transportation. I look forward to pursuing an engineering-related major as an undergrad, followed by a transportation-related major in graduate school.

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