C2SMARTER at Smart City Expo 2024

May 22-23, 2024

C2SMARTER had the pleasure of hosting 3 booths at 2024’s Smart City Expo, a 2-day conference and expo in New York City focused on building smart, equitable, and sustainable 21st century cities.

Mayor Eric Adams kicked off the conference Wednesday morning and welcomed the various panelists, presenters, and attendees, all of whom collectively represented a wide range of industries and sectors.

Situated in Startup Central, we showcased our cutting edge AI, VR, and Digital Twin technologies for smart city transportation solutions. 

Learn more about the booths and their corresponding research projects:


DT-ATEAM, a Digital Twin-based Advanced Traffic Event Analysis and Management Platform

Presented by Zilin Bian & Dachuan Zuo

Visitors discovered C2SMARTER’s cutting-edge digital twin platform for managing, planning, and analyzing urban traffic events in NYC.

Presenters conducted demos focused on using digital twins to enhance the understanding of the mobility impact of work zones.

The demos were pulled from Data Driven Work Zone Impact & Conflict Estimation Platform (DWICE), a web-based tool developed by C2SMARTER researchers. 

DWICE helps coordinate work zones by cataloguing multiple types of events across multiple projects on one-easy-to-read map, allowing users to predict and mitigate impediments to traffic flow while reducing system strain.

Learn more about the ATEAM project here and C2SMARTER’s broader Digital Twin efforts here


VRoom: Virtual Reality for Traffic Worker Safety

Presented by Shuo Zhang & Daniel Lu

To reduce accidents near roadway work zones and ensure workforce safety, VRoom is developing virtual reality simulations for training workers in dangerous scenarios and testing wearable devices (smartwatch, haptics) that can better keep workers alert of dangerous traffic.

Presenters discussed the technology as it stands as well as potential applications.

Utilizing Virtual Reality to improve Work Zone Safety has been an ongoing C2SMARTER initiative; NYU Professor Semiha Ergan and her Building Informatics and Visualization Lab (BiLAB) have undertaken several projects centered around this topic.

Learn more about this year’s Virtual Reality project here, as well as last year’s Work Zone Safety effort here.


A-Eye Urban: Computer Vision for Transportation Analytics

Presented by Fan Zuo & Jannie/Jingqin Gao

This booth featured computer vision technology that uses a deep learning model trained on augmented datasets to automatically detect urban work zones, pedestrian, and vehicle counts in real time, overcoming the limitations of current detection methods.

Visitors interacted with a web-based platform connected to over 900 real-time NYC traffic cameras to view detection results and analyses.

Led by C2SMARTER Computer Vision experts, agencies such as the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) are utilizing this technology to optimize operations at critical assets like John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport.

C2SMARTER and PANYNJ are currently collaborating to develop a computer vision-based analytics tool that will leverage JFK’s existing cameras that will  assist the Transportation Management Center (PA-TMC) in its decision-making process and improve operations overall.

Learn more about past Computer Vision research here and this year’s project with the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey here

See other photo highlights, including PI Sarah Kaufman’s panel on innovations in transportation: