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CUE GSET - C2SMART Student Researcher

Assist in C2SMART Center research projects on transportation engineering and safety evaluation. Student will work with C2SMART Center Postdocs and students mentored by Prof Kaan Ozbay on transportation technologies and safety-based research. This includes analyzing data from traditional and emerging sources, developing models, and applying AI/L techniques. Professor and C2SMART Postdocs will meet with the student weekly to update on progress, provide feedback, and evaluate performance based on research outputs, contribution to project meetings, and working prescribed hours.

CUE GSET - C2SMART Student Researcher (Prof. Chow)

Assist in a research project at C2SMART Center, working with PhD student Xiyuan Ren. The student will help in collecting and analyzing data in NY State for different demographics along with the travel data from multiple sources. The data will be used to develop a model to forecast mode preferences across the state using a new machine learning technique. Some background in data/statistics, and domain knowledge in transportation planning. Prof. will meet with the student on a weekly basis to evaluate their performance.

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Finite Element Modeling Research Associates/Postdoctoral Associates

C2SMART Center is seeking 2 Research Associates/Post-Doctoral Associates to work on faculty-led research. Candidate will work under faculty and research staff supervision on finite element modeling (FEM) for the crashworthiness analysis of the safety hardware of the transportation roadway infrastructure. The candidate will be working on agency-funded research projects with state, local, university, and private sector partners/collaborators. The candidate will be expected to interact/communicate with numerous project partners as part of a consortium of researchers/consultants, and lead project tasks to fruition against frequent and strict deadlines.

Research Software Developer

C2SMART Center is seeking a Research Software Developer to provide software and systems engineering support and solutions to NYU researchers managing the various database and technological needs of the Center. The candidate will develop and maintain the Center’s database and network infrastructure that is relied upon for C2SMART’s project and research activity. They will support Center faculty, research staff, and students towards implementing and maintaining these systems. This position will work closely with C2SMART Center researchers to assist in collecting their computational requirements and implementing appropriate solutions. The candidate will also collaborate with NYU IT teams to provide the input needed to align the operation and configuration of the recent infrastructure investments with the needs of C2SMART.

Research Developer/Engineer

C2SMART Center is seeking a Research Software Developer to work on faculty-led research projects. This position will primarily be responsible for managing the various database and technological needs of the C2SMART Center. The candidate will be instrumental in developing and maintaining the Center’s database and network infrastructure that is relied upon for C2SMART’s project and research activity. C2SMART is engaged in several active research projects that develop new tools and technologies based on numerous big datasets and sources, using innovative web-based and other emerging IT solutions. The candidate will support Center faculty, research staff, and students towards implementing and maintaining these systems. on analysis of big data and new technologies in transportation and smart cities. These tasks include software development activities on research projects that include assisting the Center in developing novel ways to analyze, process, and visualize transportation datasets from various research projects with computational requirements.

Research Project Manager

C2SMART Center is seeking a Research Project Manager to serve as the main lead in managing and coordinating various research projects underway and forthcoming at the C2SMART Center. C2SMART undertakes several projects in coordination with its partner agencies, vendors, engineering firms and consultants, and other research partners. This position will be responsible for overseeing and managing the various projects while fulfilling all sponsor requests and needs for successful execution of these projects. They will coordinate across all of the faculty, students, and staff leading the principal technical research under these projects, as well as a portfolio of new agency & industry partners that will be engaged on these projects. The Research Project Manager will require strong outreach and relationship management skills in addition to the high-level of coordination and organization needed to ensure projects proceed smoothly.

Tenure -Track Assistant Professor, Transportation (NYU)

The Departments of Civil and Urban Engineering (CUE) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering invite applications for a tenure track faculty position at the Assistant Professor level, to start on September 1, 2022. We are looking to hire in the area of Transportation Engineering with a focus on theory and/or applications of “Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)”. Some of the potential areas of interest include development of CAV based solutions addressing capability, adaptability, scalability, resiliency, safety, cyber security, and usability of Intelligent Transportation Systems and building automated and cooperative urban transportation systems that learn from real-world data while taking advantage of emerging communication technologies such as 5G.

Post-Doctoral Associate/Fellow Opportunities in Finite Element Analysis, Structural Health Monitoring, and Advanced Concrete Technology (Rutgers)

The Rutgers Infrastructure Monitoring and Evaluation (RIME) Group has been developing expertise in the application of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) coupled with Finite Element (FE) analysis for the bridge over the past decades. We are now seeking highly qualified Post-Doctoral Associate(s)/Fellow(s) to synthesize the research projects conducted to date and work toward extending these results to practical testing and analysis procedures that bridge owners and managers can adopt as part of their more significant preservation strategies.

Video Communications Graduate Assistant

C2SMART Center is a US Department of Transportation (USDOT) urban transportation research center based out of NYU Tandon School of Engineering. The Center is looking to add a video editor and graphic designer to work in support of the Center’s research projects, events, and communications. The position is responsible for storyboarding, editing, and publishing video content; assisting in creating promotional and outreach materials, both digital and print; photo, graphic, and written content editing; and assisting in developing and maintaining website content.

C2SMART Center Intern

C2SMART Center is seeking undergraduate and graduate student interns to support center administrative tasks and participate in faculty-led research projects on transportation and smart cities using emerging technologies on an as-needed basis.

Technology and Data Science Transportation Student Researcher

C2SMART Center is seeking a Graduate Student with interest in Blockhain and/or Cybersecurity to join the C2SMART Center research team. With the emergence of connected and autonomous vehicles as well as the increasing levels of automation of all transportation systems, there is a growing recognition of cybersecurity threats to all of the transportation system components including vehicles, users, and cyber and physical infrastructures. We are also proposing to leverage the distributed Ledger technology as in permissioned Blockchain to store data from CVs enabling multiple parties to validate data before storing it on the chain thus avoiding malicious data generation by users.