Tech Transfer through Undergraduate Research & Workforce Development

Project Description

Research Outcomes/Impacts

New York University Mentors

Kaan Ozbay, PhD

Professor, Civil and Urban Engineering & Director, C2SMARTER

Joseph Chow, PHD

Associate Professor, Civil and Urban Engineering & Deputy Director, C2SMARTER

Research Interests:

Development of simulation models of large scale complex transportation systems, advanced technology and sensing applications for Intelligent Transportation Systems, modeling and evaluation of traffic incident and emergency management systems, feedback based on-line real-time traffic control techniques, traffic safety, application of operations research techniques in network optimization and humanitarian inventory control, and transportation economics

Essential Skills Recommended:

Data analysis or basic coding knowledge preferred

Examples of Expected Research Outputs:

Literature review, data analysis, data visualization, modeling

Read more about Prof. Ozbay. and his UrbanMITS lab.

Research Interests:

Transportation systems, multimodal networks, behavioral urban logistics, smart cities, transport economics, behavioral urban informatics, logistics

Essential Skills Recommended:

Basic modeling and data analysis knowledge preferred

Expected Research Output:

Basic mathematical modeling,  literature review, data analysis, data visualization

Read more about Prof. Chow and his BUILT @ NYU lab.

Frank Darconte, RA


Semiha Ergan, phd

Associate Professor of the Department of Civil and Urban Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering

Research Interests:

City and regional planning, civil engineering, architectural technology, research-driven initiatives, engineering and construction management; practice-based and theoretical expertise in construction project delivery focused on the building of collaborative, high-performance teams

Essential Skills Recommended:

Basic modeling and survey-related skills are preferred, but not required

Expected Research Output:

Survey-based data analysis

Potential Research Project(s) for the Research Cohort

Explore permitting large-scale capital projects in New York State

Read more about Prof. Darconte.

Research Interests:

Building informatics, information modeling and visualization, construction automation, urban sustainability, AI/data analytics for civil infrastructure systems

Essential Skills Recommended:

Basic coding knowledge and basic understanding of machine learning concepts are preferred

Expected Research Output:

Posters, conference papers, working papers, snippets of codes, etc.

Potential Research Project(s) for the Research Cohort:

  • A Computer Vision based approach to detect defects on urban building façades.

  • Data-driven Building and Urban Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Cities

  • Sensor-enabled Calibration of VR-integrated co-simulation Platforms for Enhanced Accuracy in Multi-modal Mobility Models

  • AI-based semantic generative design models for architectural layout design

  • Intelligent Wearable Warning Devices for Improving Roadway Worker Safety

Read more about Prof. Ergan and her biLAB.

Daniel Vignon, PHD


Eugene Vinitsky, phd

Assistant Professor, Civil and Urban Engineering

Research Interests:

Transportation economics, ride-hailing systems, smart-infrastructure, automated driving systems; design, regulation and operation of emerging mobility services and of smart infrastructure systems; models and analysis of the interactions of systems with different markets; impact on social welfare, and designs policies to maximize welfare

Essential Skills Recommended:

Multivariable calculus with A- or better (required); Thermodynamics/Heat Transfer and/or Fluid Mechanics with A- or better (recommended); experience with a programming or scripting language (recommended)

Expected Research Output:

Literature review and/or mathematical/computer modeling, data analysis

Read more about Prof. Vignon and his FEATS lab.

Research Interests:

Reinforcement learning, autonomous vehicles, traffic control, scaling multi-agent reinforcement learning, transportation system optimization; reinforcement learning algorithms and simulators used to train and deploy energy-smoothing cruise controllers

Essential Skills Recommended:


Expected Research Output:


Read more about Prof. Vinitsky and his Emerge lab.

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Gerarda Shields

Dean, CUNY

Gerarda Shields is the Principal Investigator on this project.

Hamidreza Norouzi

Professor, CUNY

Hamidreza Norouzi is a Co-Principal Investigator on this project.

Jingqin Gao


Jingqin Gao is the NYU Site Coordinator on this project.