New York Times Covers C2SMARTER’S Research Project with FDNY

January 26, 2024

C2SMARTER’s Joseph Chow and Jannie/Jingqin Gao sat down with James Barron of The New York Times to discuss their current research project, An AI-reinforced Traffic Digital Twin for Testing Emergency Vehicle Interventions, an effort undertaken in partnership with New York City Fire Department (FDNY) .

Similar to prior research efforts of Prof. Chow, this project team will utilize a “Traffic Digital Twin,” which uses open-source traffic simulation software called Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO). The virtual environment will integrate real-time traffic data from cameras and sensors in the Harlem neighborhood, along with dispatch data from FDNY vehicles. Artificial intelligence will be used to mimic driver behavior and reactions to sirens and other signals from emergency vehicles.

Read the New York Times article here and learn more about this project here.