C2SMART Presented 6 Papers at the 2023 IEEE ITSC at Bilbao 

September 24- 28, 2023
Bilbao, Spain

At the end of September 2023, members of the C2SMART team traveled to Bilbao, Spain, to attend and present at IEEE ITSC 2023. Six C2SMART papers were accepted for oral presentation at the conference.


Track: Intelligent Sensors, Learning When to See for Long-term Traffic Data Collection on Power-constrained Devices

  • Ruixuan Zhang, Wenyu Han, Zilin Bian, Kaan Ozbay, Chen Feng
  • Read here.

Track: Intelligent Platooning, Investigating Safety of Evasion Maneuver Choices by Human-Driven Vehicles in Response to High-Density Truck Platoons Near Freeway Diverging Areas

  • Zhili Wei, Chuan Xu, Kaan Ozbay, Yufeng Yang, Hong Yang, Fan Zuo, Di Yang, Chuanyun Fu
  • Read here.

Track: Sensing And Perception, Urban Work Zone Detection and Sizing: A Data-Centric Training and Topology-Based Inference Approach

  • Fan Zuo, Jingqin Gao, Kaan Ozbay, Zilin Bian, Daniel Zhang
  • Read here.

Track: Traffic Control and Signaling, Robust Queue Length Estimation for Ramp Metering in a Connected Vehicle Environment

  • Yu Tang, Kaan Ozbay, Li Jin
  • Read here.

Track: SS03: Emerging Data Science for Achieving Zero Fatality on Roadways, Naturalistic Driving Data Analytics: Safety Evaluation With Multi-state Survival Models

  • Yiyuan Lei, Kaan Ozbay
  • Read here.

Track: SS23: AI Empowered Technology for Vulnerable Road Users, Choice-based Service Region Assortment Problem: Equitable Design with Statewide Synthetic Data

  • Xiyuan Ren, Joseph Chow
  • Read here.