Equity in Transportation Research Panel

As C2SMART heads into its sixth year of projects, we seek to develop and fund projects which will be bigger and bolder than ever before. We are looking for projects which showcase possibility, address complex challenges, broaden collaboration, and directly strengthen the transportation field. Research and development projects will be external industry/agency driven, including an additional emphasis and reserve of funding for non-traditional research in the form of workshops and workforce development. Read more about our RFP here.

There will also be dedicated funding for student-focused initiatives including cooperative education programs, student-led research projects, student entrepreneurship, and summer programs for graduate, undergraduate, and K-12 students.

Across and underlying each of these themes, however, will be an emphasis on transportation equity. Each proposal will, in some form, need to be prepared to discuss how the project will directly address equity concerns, or else include an equity performance measure of some kind.

To help researchers conceptualize what this means, and to set guidance around how UTCs can lead the way in solving transportation equity problems, C2SMART hosted an Equity in UTC Research panel to:

  1. Better educate our network of PIs and researchers towards ensuring that each project has a meaningful equity component and how to  factor equity concerns into its overall methodology,
  2. Directly engage with and answer outstanding transportation equity problems that are not being addressed by the wider research community, and
  3. Engage with both traditional and non-traditional equity partners on our projects.


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