Annual Report 2022-2023

The past year brought C2SMART more growth, progress, and partnership-building with communities and agencies. We initiated 11 new projects under our USDOT-funded research program ranging from artificial intelligence applications to transportation systems, equitable allocation of resources and technology, and digital twin modeling of infrastructure to improve resiliency of transportation systems. Ongoing projects produced significant contributions to the transportation field with direct implementations alongside industry and agency partners, and publications in some of the top journals and high-impact conferences in the field.

C2SMARTER Industry Roundtable

On Monday, November 13, C2SMARTER’S Industry Roundtable brought together Dollaride’s Su Sanni, Numina’s Tara Pham, and Strata’s Navjodh Singh, P.E. to discuss their experiences as transportation technology start up founders.

TransportationCamp 2023

On October 14, 2023 TransportationCamp-NYC was held for the first time held at the former New York City Transit Authority Headquarters in Brooklyn, NYC.