Daniel Ortiz Wins Student of the Year

C2SMART is delighted to congratulate Daniel Ortiz, a graduate research assistant with the Rutgers Infrastructure Monitoring Evaluation Group (RIME), on his selection as the 2021 C2SMART Student of the Year, which he received at the Council of University Transportation Center Student Winter Award Ceremony. 

Daniel is originally from Colombia, where he completed one year of Civil Engineering before coming to the U.S. He has a background in construction and is interested in how engineering planning and technology can help prevent or minimize flooding in flood-prone areas. With RIME, Daniel has worked with C2SMART Associate Director for Outreach and Technology Transfer, Hani Nassif, on quantifying the structural performance of concrete, as well as on C2SMART’s Urban Roadway Testbed, where his research integrated fiberoptic sensors to

assess the conditions of existing infrastructure within a reliable Structural Health Monitoring system in order to improve infrastructure resiliency.

The awards, which happen every year, recognize students with demonstrated accomplishments in three areas:

  1. Technical Merit and Research Capability, based upon faculty nomination and evaluation of submitted written papers or reports;
  2. Academic Performance, based upon completed courses and grades attained; and
  3. Leadership, in the form of presentations at professional
    society meetings and symposia, and leadership in student professional activities.

Daniel has excelled in all three areas throughout his work at RIME, and we are eager to watch his career unfold. Congratulations, Daniel!

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