C2SMART at Urban Initiatives Research Day

The Urban Initiative hosted the 6th annual Urban Research Day on March 8, 2022. The event aims to convene faculty from across NYU to present their urban research as a way to share knowledge and increase scholarly collaboration. Presentations explored research projects across a variety of disciplines, providing a space for faculty and students to make connections and collaborate. C2SMART students and faculty were well represented at the event, showcasing their work across C2SMART’s research areas.

Yury Dvorkin talked about his work developing modeling and algorithmic solutions to assist society in enabling energy transition and decarbonization by means of economy-wide electrification. His project, Equitable Access To Residential (EQUATOR) EV Charging, aims to define quantifiable metrics that make it possible to adequately represent accessibility of EV charging infrastructure and to internalize these metrics in decision-support procedures and tools that are used by utilities and authorities to determine electricity rates (tariffs) and additional incentives to promote investments in EV charging infrastructure.

Charlie Mydlarz and Andrea Silverman both presented on aspects of the FloodNet project, which is aiming to address the limited existing data on the frequency and extent of urban surface flooding, and to meet the need for hyperlocal information on the presence and depth of street-level floodwater. Mydlarz presented on FloodNet’s low-cost water level sensors to fill a critical data gap on the presence, depth, and duration of street-level floods by measuring flood profiles in real-time. Silverman discussed evaluations of the frequency and impact of hyperlocal, urban floods

PhD Candidates Dan Lu and Haggai Davis III presented their projects, “Improving Roadway Construction Safety through Wearable Alarm Systems for Workers“, which takes a novel approach to safety measures for roadway construction sites. Davis’s presentation, “Development of a Freight Routing Application“, uses MATSim-NYC to model freight deliveries throughout NYC. 

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