Tandon’s Research Excellence Exhibit

C2SMART students contributed to NYU Tandon’s Research Excellence Exhibit, held on Friday, April 28, 2023. This annual event illustrates the scope of advancements in research across the fields of engineering research and the applied sciences — and their potential for improving the world. 

The Center showcased two impressive and cutting edge projects:


  • Urban Ad-hoc Roadway Construction Zones: Human Worker Behavior Evaluation Towards Safety Notifications
    This project aims to increase workers’ safety awareness in dangerous roadway construction sites through the integrated use of Virtual Reality (VR) technology and traffic, pedestrian co-simulations, and biometric sensors. This year’s scope includes the  utilization of this VR-based traffic co-simulation platform for education and workforce training to evaluate value of such platforms in enhancing workers’ learning efficiency.  
  • Building Diagnostic Robotics:
    This endeavor is a student-driven startup focusing on novel AI and Robotics solutions to inspect buildings and help make them more energy-efficient.

We are proud of our team and the hard and exciting work that went into both projects. Thank you for stopping by!


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