NYU-ITE Wins 2nd Place in 2022 Grand Championship Traffic Bowl

NYU-ITE Wins 2nd Place in 2022 Grand Championship Traffic Bowl

Each year, since 2009, ITE student chapters from Canada and the United States participate in a competition known as the ITE Collegiate Traffic Bowl. This competition features teams comprised of up to 3 students testing their knowledge of ITE, transportation planning and engineering topics as well as some fun categories. Since the Traffic Bowl was introduced as an international program, 121 ITE student chapters have participated in a traffic bowl tournament at section or district events. The teams winning an ITE district competition advance to compete in the Collegiate Traffic Bowl Grand Championship, conducted annually at ITE’s International Annual Meeting and Exhibit.

The objectives of the ITE Collegiate Traffic Bowl Program are to encourage students to become more active members in ITE, to enhance their knowledge of the traffic/transportation engineering and planning profession and of ITE itself, and to strengthen the programs of the ITE student chapters. It features a competition of knowledge, styled after the television game show, Jeopardy, where teams from ITE student chapters compete and respond to clues in categories on topics from transportation planning and engineering to ITE trivia.

This year, the New York University ITE student chapter was victorious at the district competition in May and proceeded to the International Bowl. The NYU ITE team won the first semifinal match, before obtaining 2nd place overall in the grand final game. The constituent members of the NYU ITE traffic bowl team were Luke Buttenwieser, Nicholas Hudanich, and Nate Sutton. This is the team’s third and third consecutive international competition appearance, and the best finish the team has ever had. 
If you are a student interested in joining NYU’s traffic bowl team, please check out the club page on NYU Engage.

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