Lauren Brown Wins Student of the Year

C2SMART congratulates Lauren Brown, a Masters student with The Border Intermodal Gateway (BIG) Transportation Laboratory at the University of Texas – El Paso, on her selection as the 2022 C2SMART Student of the Year. Lauren received the award at the Council of University Transportation Center Student Winter Award Ceremony during the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board.

Lauren is currently enrolled in UTEP’s dual-degree Smart Cities program, a partnership with Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague. “I came to UTEP to continue my education, and discovered interest in transportation and Smart Cities. I am excited to dive into these new interesting topics here and at CTU in the Czech Republic, as well as get the opportunity to travel and get exposed to new ideas and new cultures,” Lauren said.

Her thesis focuses on smart intersections, and she has worked extensively on C2MART’s Digital Twin projects, exploring the effectiveness of DT technology as a tool to understand interactions between transportation and other civil infrastructure systems. 

The awards, which happen every year, recognize students with demonstrated accomplishments in three areas:

  1. Technical Merit and Research Capability, based upon faculty nomination and evaluation of submitted written papers or reports;
  2. Academic Performance, based upon completed courses and grades attained; and
  3. Leadership, in the form of presentations at professional
    society meetings and symposia, and leadership in student professional activities.

As a member of the first cohort of the Smart Cities dual-degree program, Lauren has shown all three of these qualities, alongside a trailblazing spirit. Congratulations, Lauren!

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