C2SMART’s State of the Field: Connected Vehicle Deployments

C2SMART's State of the Field: Connected Vehicle Deployments

Over the past two months, C2SMART held a series focused on the latest research and deployment of Connected Vehicle (CV) technologies towards improving and making roadways safer and more secure for all users. USDOT recently completed a series of CV pilot tests throughout the country, and lessons learned form the research and findings from these deployments were shared, with a focus on the New York City pilot led by NYCDOT. C2SMART Center researchers and partners shared their experience with this cutting-edge work, culminating in a roundtable discussion on the future widespread implementation potential of this technology.

We invite you to watch the recordings of each of these events below, and contact us if you wish to work with us or learn more about this exciting and dynamic field.

Improving Safety Through Connected Vehicle Technology –
 NYC Connected Vehicle Pilot System Performance

Presented by Di Yang, Assistant Professor, Morgan State University

In this talk, Prof. Di Yang presented on the data cleaning, evaluation methodology, performance measurement, and safety evaluation results of the 12 CV safety applications conducted during the Phase 3 operational phase of the New York City Connected Vehicle pilot deployment. The experimental design included equipping 3,000 vehicles with Aftermarket Safety Devices (ASD) for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), and pedestrian applications.

Assisting Pedestrians with Vision Disabilities in Navigating Urban Streets —
Lessons Learned from the NYC Connected Vehicle Pilot Mobile Accessible Pedestrian Signal System

Presented by Jingqin (Jannie) Gao, Senior Research Associate, C2SMART Center

As a part of the New York City CV Pilot Deployment Program, two pedestrian oriented applications were deployed: 1) a generalized warning to vehicles of pedestrians in the roadway based on thermal imaging detection and 2) a Mobile Accessible Pedestrian Signal System (PED-SIG) application to assist pedestrians with vision disabilities. Volunteer participants with vision disabilities were recruited to participate in the field tests where Personal Information Devices (PIDs) were given to participants. In this talk, Dr. Gao presented how the pedestrian application was designed, deployed, and tested, along with several valuable lessons learned throughout the deployment.

Simulation-Based Safety Evaluation Framework for Connected Vehicle Applications for Safety And Operational Measures

Presented by Kaan Ozbay, Professor & Director, C2SMART Center, New York University

In this talk, Prof. Ozbay presented a novel calibration framework which combines traffic conflict techniques and multi-objective stochastic optimization to calibrate operational and safety measures simultaneously in CV simulation. A case study was demonstrated by calibrating a microscopic simulation model to evaluate CV safety applications as a part of the NYC Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program.

Lessons Learned and Future Research & Deployment Roundtable

  • Sisinnio Concas, Program Director, Autonomous & Connected Mobility Evaluation (ACME), University of South Florida
  • Mohamad Talas, Director of ITS System Engineering, NYC Dept. of Transportation
  • Billy Chupp, Engineer, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
  • Karl Wunderlich, Director, Surface Transportation Systems, Noblis
  • Kaan Ozbay, Professor & Director, C2SMART Center, New York University

This roundtable capped off C2SMART’s State of the Field: Connected Vehicle Applications series, with a synthesis of prior presentations and a discussion on future directions and applications for research, testing, and deployment. This participants focused on the recently completed connected vehicle pilots and the lessons learned. The USDOT Connected Vehicle (CV) Pilot Program sought to test vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) applications to improve transportation systems, mobility, and safety with real-world deployments in New York City, Tampa, and Wyoming.


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