C2SMART’s Farnoosh Namdarour wins Infratech Graduate Scholarship

C2SMART is thrilled to celebrate Ph.D Candidate Farnoosh Namdarpour on the award of the Infratech Graduate Scholarship. Honoring the founder of Infra Tech Engineering – a traffic engineer who achieved great heights through relentless dedication and absolute commitment to hard work and excellence – this scholarship is awarded to an enterprising young woman who reflects those qualities regardless of obstacles and difficulties.

Farnoosh Namdarpour

Evaluating and Managing Mobility Providers for New Urban Mobility

Farnoosh Amdarpour, is a PhD Candidate with the BUILT Lab at NYU, and one of C2SMART’s 2022 Student Researchers. A native of Isfahan, Iran, she is interested in Intelligent Transportation Systems, Emerging Mobility Services, Optimization, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning. Her current project, “Evaluating and Managing Mobility Providers for New Urban Mobility,” explores how to work with Mobility Data Specification (MDS) to address demographic data gaps, further adapt the districting algorithm, and integrate the algorithm into MDS, which would lead to a new version of MDS with higher level of equity and privacy.

“As female researchers and students from foreign countries, my co-researcher and I are deeply aware of how important it is for the minority groups to be seen and heard,” she says.

Congratulations, Farnoosh! 

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