C2SMART Students Present at the ITS-NY Annual Meeting

ITS New York held its 29th Annual Meeting and Technology Exhibition on Thursday, June 16 – Friday June 17, 2022 in Saratoga Springs, New York. C2SMART was well-represented at the event, with three student presenters and a booth where we were able to meet other attendees and discuss C2SMART’s work and ongoing projects. 

Three of C2SMART’s PhD candidates were selected to present at the meeting. Haggai Davis III discussed his work on MATSim-NYC, a key part of C2SMART’s Network of Living Labs, in a presentation called Developing a Freight Transportation and Routing App for New York City. 

Suzana Duran Bernardes delivered her presentation, Safe Bike Equity: Can Cycling Become the Great Equalizer?, on her work building lateral-distance sensors to track bike safety across the city and map risk hotspots.

Hella Alnajjar, whose work concerns the adoption of autonomous vehicles, discussed Modeling Commute Travel in the NY/NJ Metropolitan Area to Predict Market Share of Autonomous Vehicles: Imputation Techniques with Machine Learning Algorithms.

“I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with other professionals in the field of transportation engineering,” Alnajjar reflected. “I felt like I gained a deep understanding of the future need of advanced ITS technology such as connected automated vehicles (CAVs) and smart infrastructure.”

Duran Bernardes agreed: “I loved getting the opportunity to learn about some new initiatives from some companies. For instance, the Safety View tool by GM Future Roads & INRIX, which was developed to better understand and address the safety performance of the road network, is pretty close to my own area of research and can be useful to me in the future.”

The students each presented on the ITS Leaders of Tomorrow in addition to their individual posters. 

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