2022 Undergraduate Summer Research Program Uses Data to Improve City Transportation

Each summer, members of the Tandon School of Engineering faculty open up their labs to allow NYU Tandon, NYU Dual Degree Program in Engineering (CAS/Tandon), NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Shanghai, and select non-NYU rising sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduate students to complete 10 weeks of hands-on research. Students work in the labs with their faculty mentors and other mentors on various research topics while also participating in seminars presented by distinguished administrative and academic personnel. In addition, research presentations and poster sessions are held in which students have the opportunity to present their research to peoples of all disciplines and backgrounds. At the end of the program, abstracts of the research are published and presented to incoming students during Undergraduate Orientation.

This year, C2SMART hosted three students within the Behavioral Urban Informatics, Logistics, and Transport (BUILT) lab, and two students within the UrbanMITS Lab, where they worked with faculty and graduate students on C2SMART’s Network of Living Labs, machine learning for vehicle detection, and work zone safety using VR. They were encouraged to learn and use new skills in computational modeling, data visualizations, and code optimization. These highly transferrable skills will help prepare them for careers in computer science, urban informatics, civil engineering, and more.

Ethan Wong
My name is Ethan and I am a junior majoring in Computer Science here at NYU Tandon. This summer I worked on the one-to-many simulator interface project where my goal was to design an interface that would allow numerous local simulators a connection to the MATSim multi-agent simulator. We were able to design a user interface with a network visualization tool and implement a connection between MATSim and a local ridesharing simulator.

Sean Lin
My name is Sean and I am a Senior at Tandan majoring in civil engineering. This summer I worked on two projects. One project was about mode choice modeling, and I mainly focused on cleaning and arranging the data in the way that could be later put into the model. The other project was about designing mobility-on-demand service as a first mile/last mile accessing mode for Long Island Railroad. In this project, we were able to gather the completed demand data and part of the cost data that could later be used in the designing phase.

Ngoc Hoang
My name is Ngoc, a senior at NYU Abu Dhabi majoring in Computer Science. This summer I worked on analyzing, extracting insights, and visualizing results from the synthetic population dataset. I also worked on code optimizing in an effort to reduce the runtime of Python code for the EV charging assignment tool. Lastly, I worked on experimenting with genetic algorithm for parameter estimation in the project on stochastic user equilibrium with congestible capacities.

Lukelo Luoga
My name is Lukelo Luoga, a junior at NYU Abu Dhabi majoring in Computer engineering. This summer I worked on a project that focused on developing a deep learning-based intention prediction algorithm to improve vehicle and vulnerable road user safety in urban areas. I also worked on developing an algorithm that utilizes YoloV5 and StrongSort algorithm to count vehicles passing a Central Park road in New York City using CCTV video footage.

Daniel Zhang
My name is Daniel Zhang, a sophomore studying computer science at NYU Tandon. This summer, I worked on computer vision for smart cities in the C2Smart center. Specifically, I worked on work zone detection using existing urban infrastructure. We were able to create our own dataset to train a CNN-based algorithm to detect work zone objects, then using a random direct classifier to extrapolate work zones from specific combinations of work zone objects. We are currently working on increasing the detection accuracy to complete the project. 

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