A Trusted Data Platform for Transportation Data Sharing

Led by INTERCEP founding director Bill Raisch, this project aims to adapt an information sharing and situational awareness technology platform currently used by INTERCEP’s Metropolitan Resilience Network to support transportation data sharing and stakeholder engagement in New York City and each of the C2SMART consortium member cities. This platform is designed to help users understand their larger operating environment, identify risks in that environment, and make informed decisions during disruptions using the assembled data.

Quantifying and Visualizing City Truck Route Network Efficiency Using a Virtual Testbed

Cities like NYC and Seattle need to deal with significant growth of urban deliveries as a result of increasing e-commerce compounded by increased stay-at-home behavior due to COVID-19. We propose to develop a citywide model of truck network flows, one that relates changes to truck routes to changes in truck tours or to time-of-day congestion pricing policies.