C2SMART at TRB 2023

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 102nd Annual Meeting was held in person, January 8–12, 2023 in Washington, D.C. This year’s theme, Rejuvenation Out of Disruption: Envisioning a Transportation System for a Dynamic Future, asked participants to envision transportation in a post-COVID world.

C2SMART was well-represented at TRB this year, with 39 affiliated students and researchers presenting ongoing work. 

This builds on a rich history of C2SMART’s attendance at TRB’s Annual Meetings, including last year’s strong showing, where we led 13 presentations. 


C2SMART won multiple awards this year, including two from the International Journal of Science & Technology:

  • Ding Wang, Brian Yueshuai He, Jingqin Gao, Joseph Y.J. Chow, Kaan Ozbay, and Shri Iyer won the Most Cited Paper Award for their publication, “Impact of COVID-19 behavioral inertia on reopening strategies for New York City transit”. The article was initially published in the International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology in 2021.

  • Professor Joseph Chow was also honored with the Outstanding Associate Editor Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the quality of the journal in 2022.

  • Zilin Bian was awarded second place in the TRB Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Applications Committee Best Dissertation competition. 

  • Chan Yang was selected first place in the Long-Term Infrastructure Performance (LTIP) Student Data Analysis Contest. 

Lauren Brown, a Masters student with The Border Intermodal Gateway (BIG) Transportation Laboratory at the University of Texas – El Paso, was also selected as C2SMART’s Student of the Year. Read about Lauren’s work here.


C2SMART student Bingqing Liu, in partnership with the Young Members Coordinating Council, helped organize the Early Academic Successful Careers: Resources and Advice workshop, which provides advice on innovative transportation education practices, building research collaboration with communities and industry, and postgraduate researcher careers. C2SMART Center Director Kaan Ozbay also chaired the podium session for ACP80, the TRB Traffic Simulation Committee.

Serap Hanbay, and Hani Nassif from RIME presented “Assessment Of Dynamic Load Allowance Of Specialized Hauling And Emergency Vehicles For Steel Girder Bridges” in the session Steel Bridges: Intersecting Welds, Risk-Based Inspection, and Instrumentation. Also from RIME, Peng Lou, Chan Yang, and Hani Nassif presented Live Load Multiple Presence Factors For Design And Evaluation Of Short To Medium Span Highway Bridges” in the session Bridge Management Models for Load Ratings and Repair Methods.

See below for a detailed schedule of C2SMART presentations, links to relevant papers, and more.

Photos & Presentations

C2SMART Presentations at TRB 2023