C2SMART Mobility Data Dashboard: MATSim

As part of the MATSim-NYC development, we calibrated a behavioral model (estimated as a tour-based nested logit model) for choosing different modes of transportation in NYC, which was encoded into the MATSim-NYC simulation as utility function parameters. Using the COVID mobility data, we recalibrated the behavior model to reflect the increased aversion to use shared use modes like public transit.

C2SMART Mobility Data Dashboard COVID-19 Travel Survey

An online survey focusing on travel trends under the impact of COVID-19 was administered from July to October 2020, after approval by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The objective of the survey is to look at how different disadvantaged population groups, especially people with disabilities and low-income households, were affected by the changes as a result of COVID-19.

About the C2SMART Mobility Data Dashboard

C2SMART Mobility Data Dashboard An all-in-one data dashboard was built with interactive analytics and visualization of various mobility data sources. The mobility board presents multi-data views in terms of vehicular