Calibration/Development of Safety Performance Functions for New Jersey

Safety Performance Functions (SPFs) in the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) were developed using historic crash data collected in different states. Because local state or geographic conditions vary, to make the SPFs better accommodate the local data, two strategies are usually undertaken: the first strategy is to calibrate SPFs provided in HSM so that the contents of HSM can be fully leveraged and the second strategy is to develop location-specific SPFs regardless of the predictive modeling framework in the HSM.

Evaluation of New Features at MTA New York City Transit’s Accessible Station Lab

C2SMART researchers are working under the direction of NYCT staff in administering surveys/conducting interviews and collecting data from users of the proposed features/installations. As the data analysis partner, C2SMART is collecting and analyzing the collected data to develop analytics to assist NYCT in evaluating the performance of each of the features being tested as part of the Accessible Station Pilot.