Statewide Mobility Services Program Strategic Procurement Planning


The current Statewide Active Transportation Demand Management (ATDM) program is nearing the end of its contract period. This assignment will assist NYSDOT in setting a strategic direction and executing a procurement strategy for a new Statewide Mobility Services Program, building on the strengths of the evolving ATDM Program while leveraging the opportunities now available in the private marketplace.

NYSDOT has operated TDM programs to promote and facilitate the shifting of travel and commute trips from single-occupant vehicles to more efficient modes such as carpooling, vanpooling, transit, walking and biking. The current contract, begun in 2015, re-focused the program as an “ATDM program.” Demand management strategies are increasingly applied within the broader context of Transportation System Management and Operation (TSMO), such as during construction, emergency, and special event management strategies and in multimodal Integrated Corridor Management (ICM). This program’s evolution toward more dynamic integrated mobility strategies occurred in parallel with transformative changes in the marketplace for transportation services. The private sector in mobility services (transportation networking companies, micromobility, Mobility as a Service, etc.) and crowd-sourcing platforms for real-time information on routing, modes, and parking have created tremendous opportunities and challenges to DOTs and transit agencies in how best to support efficient and sustainable transportation.

Research Objectives

This Assignment seeks to gather insights into the current and evolving state of the marketplace for mobility services and strategies to inform NYSDOT’s strategic procurement for a Statewide Mobility Services Program. The assignment will assess the needs and opportunities for a Department mobility program and guide the approach to structuring procurement for a new contract or contracts. The assignment will gather industry input, via outreach and engagement with industry peers and NYSDOT ATDM program stakeholders as well as a Request for Information (RFI), on the changing marketplace for mobility services (including those provided under the existing ATDM contract). The RFI process will lead to one or more RFPs to contract for services that ensure that current the needs of the public and private mobility marketplace are considered and included.


Joseph Chow

Deputy Director, C2SMART

Joseph Chow is the Principal Investigator on this project.

Srushti Rath

Researcher, NYU

Srushti Rath is a Researcher on this project.