Smart Trucking Hackathon


the problem

In New York City, all vehicles defined as a truck are required to follow the truck route network and are reliant on a static map to know which roads they must use in NYC. 

When events like construction or a crash require rerouting, truck drivers’ options are often limited as most free navigation tools do not include truck route priorities, height restrictions, turn restrictions, tolls, or other details specific to their needs. 

the hack

C2SMART is hosting a Virtual Hackathon in partnership with NYC DOT from Saturday October 15th, 2022 through Sunday, October 23, 2022. We invite you to use your creativity and intelligence to design 3D visualizers to help truck drivers navigate the complexities of the city and identify the best route for reaching their destination. 

the conclusion

C2SMART Center hosted the Smart Truck Routing Hackathon event to stimulate interest in the field of Urban Engineering and to crowdsource the remaining component of the Smart Truck Routing application that the BUILT Lab had been working on. The app is designed to function like Waze for trucks by considering New York City specific requirements such as designated truck routes and restrictions due to height or weight. A driver can input all their stops throughout the city, and the app will find an efficient, safe, and compliant route for them to take. Additionally, the app has the ability to estimate the CO2 emissions of the truck and allow the driver to take a cleaner route. The final piece needed from the Hackathon was the visualizer that the driver would use while the truck was in motion.

The Hackathon kicked off in a session at the New York City TransportationCamp 2022 on October 15th. 20 attendees participated in a discussion about truck routing and its obstacles in New York City. The judges (Kaan Ozbay, Seth Contreras, Eric Richard, Joaquim Rabinovitch, Zach Miller, and Maddalena Romano) represented various stakeholder groups in the New York City trucking ecosystem. The Hackathon closed on October 23rd with the winning team being Team Braveniuniu comprised of Chuhan Yang, Jiayun Sun, and Liang Niu. 

The Hackathon closed on October 23rd, with Team Braveniuniu — comprised of Chuhan Yang, Jiayun Sun, and Liang Niu — taking home the win after impressing each judge with their work. The Closing Ceremony allowed the judges to provide additional feedback about how the project can be further developed and improved, particularly given open ended nature of the larger project the Hackathon was meant to aid. There are many exciting new branches that can be followed as well as many promising connections and conversations as well between people interested in improving the New York City freight ecosystem.

The team at the BUILT lab and C2SMART is incredibly grateful to all who contributed.

Form a team

Teams can consist of at least two team members to a maximum of five members. All team members must be over the age of 18.


Upload your project to the C2SMART repository for judging and review by our panel of judges.

Opening Ceremonies

All teams are required to attend the hacakthon opening ceremonies, on October 15th at 11:30AM.

Project Development

Develop a 3D visualizer using your own unique code, using open-source code, assets, and APIs.

Closing Ceremonies

All teams are required to attend the hacakthon closing ceremonies, on October 23rd at 3pm.

the judges

Kaan Ozbay

Director | C2SMART Center

Seth Contreras

Advisor for Innovation | NYCDOT

Eric Richardson

Deputy Chief Fleet Officer, NYC Fleet | NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services

Joaquim Rabinovitch

Director of Over-Dimensional Permits | NYCDOT

Zach Miller

Metro-Region Operations Manager | Trucking Association of New York

Maddalena Romano

Director, Data/Asset Management NYCDOT

the nitty-gritty

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be judged based on three priority themes: functionality, satisfaction, and flair.


Download all the information you and your team need to start building!

Code of Conduct

All the rules, all in one place.

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