Monitoring and Control of Overweight Trucks for Smart Mobility and Safety of Freight Operations


This project will investigate technologies to screen overweight trucks including high-speed weigh-in-motion (HS-WIM) system integrated with license plate reader and/or security camera, and to evaluate the feasibility of such technologies compared to current screening practices at weighing stations. In addition, infrastructure damage cost associated with the overweight trucks, as well as permits, will be evaluated to provide guidelines in developing the overweight and permit policies and fee structures.

The outcome of this project will be provisional guidelines for the autonomous ticketing using WIM technology. The overweight violation will be screened by the integrated WIM system to assist enforcement officials on highways without interrupting the traffic flow.


Research Objectives

Two apps, one for autonomous ticketing and the other for damage cost evaluation, will be developed in the course of this project. The autonomous ticketing and enforcement system will reduce the maintenance cost of the infrastructure, as well as the social cost to taxpayers. The use of bridge deterioration models and bridge life cycle cost analysis can isolate the damage cost induced by the overweight trucks and permits to help recover the corresponding damage cost.


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Hani Nassif

Associate Director, C2SMART Professor, Rutgers

Hani Nassif is the Principal Investigator for this project

Kaan Ozbay

Director, C2SMART
Professor, NYU

Kaan Ozbay is a Co-Principal Investigator on this project.