Masoud Ghandehari

Principal Investigator

Masoud Ghandehari serves on the Faculty of Civil and Urban Engineering at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering and is an associate faculty at the NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress. His research focus is on urban systems engineering and the application of advanced instrumentation and data analysis targeting the aging, health, and performance of infrastructure systems. Through the application of sensing and modeling, he works on methodologies that generate data on the interaction of physical, natural, and human systems in cities.His research in optical spectroscopy, sensing, imaging, and data analytics has led to the development of applications and technologies suitable for diverse environments and multiple scales; ranging from the molecular to the urban landscape. Professor Ghandehari is the author of Optical Phenomenology and Applications: Health Monitoring for Infrastructure Materials and the Environment, 2018, the founding investigator of the New York State Resiliency Institute for Storm Events, and founder of Chromosense LLC., which is supported by the National Institutes of Health for innovation in environmental sensing.

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