Emerging Leaders in Transportation


Led by NYU Rudin Center Assistant Director Sarah Kaufman, the Emerging Leaders in Transportation program develops early-career transportation professionals to develop and promote innovations within their organizations. The three-day program includes professional development with executive leaders, communication work through networking activities, and site visits to major transportation management locations.

Participants learned how to evaluate the feasibility of innovation for their workplaces, incorporate it into the workflow, and build long-term technology plans. These discussions help foster an invigorated leadership cadre with a systematic understanding of planning for the future and how to bring new organizational tools to their agencies. By preparing emerging leaders for the future, this programs strengthens the capacity of transportation agencies to adopt livability initiatives, enhances the region’s economic competitiveness and supports implementation of technological improvements for everyday commuters and travelers.



Sarah Kaufman

Director, NYU Rudin Center for Transportation

Sarah Kaufman is the Principal Investigator for this project

Mitchell Moss

Professor, NYU Rudin Center for Transportation

Mitchell Moss is a Co-Principal Investigator for this project