Elena Prassas

Associate Professor

Dr. Prassas is the Program Manager and Student Advisor for the MS Transportation Degrees. She teaches graduate courses in Traffic Engineering, Transportation Economics and Finance, and Signal Control Systems.

Dr Prassas was a member of the Transportation Research Board’s Highway Capacity and Quality of Service Committee, and chair of its Signalized Intersection Subcommittee for 9 years and is still an active member of the subcommittees.

Dr. Prassas is currently working on pedestrian safety research for the NYC Department of Transportation. The focus of this research is on safety for blind or visually impaired pedestrians and testing advanced technologies for improving their safety, including the use of smartphone applications.

Dr. Prassas is a co-author of the text Traffic Engineering, which is used in universities throughout the United States and abroad. She has also co-authored texts on Engineering Economics and Finance for Transportation Infrastructure; The History of the Highway Capacity Manual, Volume 1; and the soon to be completed, History of the Highway Capacity Manual, Volume 2.