Developing NY Statewide Equity Measures and a Synthetic Dataset for Analysis of Equitable and Sustainable Mobility Technology and Policy Deployments


This NYU SEMPACT project is a forward-thinking response to the pressing equity and sustainability challenges in transportation. It is set to offer a valuable contribution to the
transportation sector by ensuring that the benefits of mobility innovations are accessible and fair for all New Yorkers.

The core objective of the project is to create a standardized equity metric evaluation framework to guide the selection and assessment of transportation projects. To enable higher resolution analysis, a synthetic population dataset for New York state will be created. The equity metric evaluation framework will be applied to analyze different ITS implementations using the synthetic population, and the synthetic population will be made publicly available for future researchers and policymakers through public repositories.

Research Objectives

As transportation evolves rapidly, cities and travelers become smarter, faster, and more connected. However, innovations do not impact all travelers equally. It is therefore vital that we define equity-based performance measures which can help the field ensure that its ITS implementations and policies are inclusive of all potential users. This project is timely and
significant, given the urgent need to understand and improve the equity impacts of emerging mobility systems. It is expected to provide transportation planners and policymakers with the tools to make informed decisions that promote equity, resilience, and sustainability in transportation systems amidst evolving challenges like climate change and new technology adoption.

What we will cover in this project:
• A systematic review of best practices in transportation equity.
• Stakeholder interviews regarding diverse perspectives and local knowledge.
• Development of an equity-based project selection and evaluation framework by combining the literature findings and stakeholder engagement.
• Creation of a bias-aware synthetic population dataset for New York state to support the analysis and enable future equity related research.
• Case studies analyze potential equity impacts of transportation policies by applying the evaluation framework to the generated population dataset.

Expected Outcomes:
• Guidance that provides knowledge synthesis and selections on quantitative equity performance metrics that can be applied for ITS and mobility technologies.
• A synthetic population dataset that addresses the equity fairness in NYS.
• Equity scenario analysis and the associated models and outcomes.
• Workshops with Region 2 stakeholders to disseminate findings and develop a research roadmap.

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Kaan Ozbay is the Principal Investigator on this project.



Joseph Chow is a Co-Principal Investigator on this project.

Jingqin Gao


Jingqin Gao is a Co-Principal Investigator on this project.

Zilin Bian

Researcher, NYU

Zilin Bian is a Researcher on this project.

Hai Yang

researcher, nyu

Hai Yang is a Researcher on this project.

farnoosh namdarpour

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Farnoosh Namdarpour is a Researcher on this project.

enola ma

Researcher, NYU

Enola Ma is a Researcher on this project.

Xiyuan Ren

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Xiyuan Ren is a Researcher on this project.