2022 C2SMART Center Research Solicitation


C2SMART has launched our 2022 RFP, soliciting proposals from consortium faculty and students for funding in 2022, and expressions of interest from transportation industry and agency leaders driving technological innovation for funded research projects.

For industry and agency partners, we seek to provide academic expertise and research towards solving real-world transportation challenges of today and tomorrow. We are looking for projects which showcase possibility, addresses complex challenges, broadens collaboration, and directly strengthens the transportation field. 

Projects will be selected based on their alignment with Center and USDOT research goals, relation one of our six research areas, proposed outputs, real-world implementation, and funding/contribution by the proposing partner. In addition, C2SMART aims to fund projects that will, in some form, directly address equity and accessibility in transportation.

Interested partners with selected proposals will be matched with the Center's network of faculty researchers and experts to develop full project proposals. C2SMART projects are meant to be collaboratively designed and produced, ensuring that partner needs are met while advancing the state of practice. 

Please express your interest and you will be contacted by the Center. If you have any other questions, please email us at c2smart@nyu.edu.

For more information on how to apply, click below.

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