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Every year, C2SMART provides funding to outstanding transportation, urban planning, and engineering students whose work is designed to meaningfully advance the field of urban mobility. 

These students are provided with a faculty advisor, as well as an industry mentor to help guide them through roadblocks, challenges, and project planning. In addition, students receive access to C2SMART labs, research, training opportunities, and software licenses.

Each project has a one-year timeline, at the conclusion of which C2SMART brings students, faculty, and industry mentors together to present their achievements.



Discover the opportunities and benefits provided by C2SMART to our student researchers. 


Learn about C2SMART's 2022 Student Researcher cohort, alongside their project titles and interests.

Suzana Duran Bernardes

Developing New Technologies and Methods for Collecting Non-Motorized Vehicle Data

Shams Azad

Investigating Inequality in Exposure to Pollution in the NYC Subway System

Yiyuan Lei

Proactive Traffic Safety Analysis and Management Using Naturalistic Driving Data

Fan Zuo

Multifunction Platform of Collecting Human Driving Behavior, Training, and Testing the Reinforcement Learning-Based Driving Model

Farnoosh Namdarpour

Evaluating and Managing Mobility Providers for New Urban Mobility

Bingqing Liu

Evaluating and Managing Mobility Providers for New Urban Mobility


Students will have the opportunity to meet with industry and agency advisors, receiving feedback on their research and project ideas, and earning the chance to present their work to larger audiences.